Easy 3 Step Tissue Paper Masking Tape Tutorial

Continuing on with my Tissue Paper Bleeding Theme I am going to share with you an easy peasy technique for making your own printed washi/masking tape!

It is very easy to create, here are the photographic 3 steps!

Step 1: Take a non-stick work sheet (teflon cooking liners also work) and peel off strips of masking tape and stick them onto the surface like so:


Step 2: Spray the masking tape with water, completely cover with tissue paper and then place a sheet of card over the top and leave it to dry overnight. When you come to remove the tissue papers your masking tape will look something like this:



Step 3: Use a sheet of card as a mask to protect the individual strips of tape and stamp random designs directly onto the colourful tape:



Now you have some unique printed masking tape to use in your art projects!

I haven’t used mine yet, and yes it still remained sticky despite all that water I sprayed on it!

Close Up:


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