Tissue Paper Bleeding Dyed Paper Flowers

I’m having so much fun with the tissue paper bleeding technique and I can’t stop! Don’t worry though as I am moving onto Caught In Crystal Technique soon so you can have a break :/

Today I’m showing you my fabtastic paper flowers that I dyed using this technique, here they are below, no explanation really necessary as I followed the instructions in my tutorial for making backgrounds!


Don’t they look cool? My favourite part about them was the gorgeous background they created on the paper which was revealed after I’d removed the flowers:


Neat huh?

Incase the above pictures aren’t enough here’s a another to share:


I will be sharing another technique with tissue paper this weekend, this time using the actual left over tissue paper from the bleeding technique. Watch this space!

Trish Bee

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5 comments on “Tissue Paper Bleeding Dyed Paper Flowers

  1. Love the flowers AND the resulting background. I have a lot of the neutral flowers – guess who will be playing with this over the weekend????

  2. Love the flowers and the backgrounds too. I need some cheap tissue, I tried it the other day and didn’t get much colour bleeding at all. Thanks.

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