Hello and welcome to my new blog;


artrospectives – Technique Make Overs With Trish Bee

Many of you may or probably may not be aware of my other 2 blogs which I write; Techniques Zone and my own personal art blog Trish Bee’s Art-Venture which have both been around for some time now.

Techniques Zone features my old archives of all the rubber stamping, card making and mixed media techniques and projects I have written over the years.

Some of the projects are in my opinion dated now, mainly because a lot of them where written before the joys of digital cameras and webcams so I had to rely heavily upon the written word to describe the step by steps involved in the tutorials.

I’ve wanted for some time now to go right back to the beginning and update my old techniques and revisit them and give them a brand new make over, using more up to date products and of course feature lots of step by step photographs too!

And that dear reader is how the idea for this blog came about!

I struggled to think up a name to describe what I wanted to do, then my other half came up with the idea of artrospectives; a mash up of the words retrospective and art.

I wasn’t sure and had to check the dictionary to see what the definition was and this is what I found:



1. Looking back on, contemplating, or directed to the past.
2. Looking or directed backward.
3. Applying to or influencing the past; retroactive.
4. Of, relating to, or being a retrospective: a retrospective art exhibition.
An exhibition or performance of works produced by an artist over a considerable period.
After reading the definition I decided it was a perfect title and description for what I wanted to do so I HAD to use it!
So here it is…
artrospectives – Technique Make Overs With Trish Bee
Technique Revival, revisiting old stamping, card making and mixed media art techniques and giving them a fresh make over and modern twist using new tools and art supplies that we didn’t have way back then!
I hope you’ll join me in my new art-ventures.

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